No Hoods

No Hoods

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Liner Notes: 

I had a dream recently of owning a store and small children that wanted to come inside. But they all were wearing KKK hoods. I told them at first
to leave. They came back again and I let them in a took them to a piano, and mentioned that the keys were both black and white. Decided to write about it.


No Hoods
© 2020 Cindy Prince

The children came to my door
But I couldn't see their faces
Their parents had them in white hoods
Thinking they're the better race

I told the kids they couldn't come in
Their attire was of the KKK
I so wanted to hold each one
But instead they went away

Please don't teach your children hate
Don't put them in a sheet
Let them grow up loving the world
Be innocent and sweet
Teach them to care for everyone
Until their last heartbeat

The children came back again
I opened the door and let them in

I took them to a piano
Showed them the different keys
They were both black and white
And hatred was like a disease

I woke up then from my dream
Thought of the real children living this
Not sure I can change anything
But that would be my wish

Repeat chorus

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I appreciate this lyric a lot-- the piano verse reminded me of the old Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney duet Ebony and Ivory.

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Very powerful song and pretty amazing that this came to you in a dream. You have told a powerful and clear story here. Very nice job!