End and Begin

End and Begin

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Liner Notes: 

The setting is wife alone after her husband has dies, cleaning up the room. This song was inspired by my mom. Some of the lyrics are things she said to me. The song "Only You" at the end is a cover and my parents'"song". They signed all their cards "Only Yours." My dad was a singer and sang this song out. I envision a male voiceover while the "mother" character dances with her husbands shirt.


I fold your shirt up
I fold my life up and move on
We raised our children
Our sons and daughters
Now they're gone
And you're gone
Why does my life still go on?

My crossword puzzles
are left with spaces where you
filled in the blanks
Cards line the tables
from sympathizers
that I don't want to thank
I just want you back

where did out lives go?
I'm lost without you.
I never planned on my life without you
You filled my years here
And all of my dreams dear
End and begin where you are

The bed is empty
and I'd give anything for
less room to move
The rooms are quiet
And I'd give anything
to argue with you
I'd let you win, too (CHORUS)

"Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you, and you alone
Can thrill me like you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you"

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It's really nice how the lyrics convey the deep-felt emotional content by means of ordinary, mundane, small details. I often have to fight not to roll my eyes when I listen to songs with this kind of dramatic expression of grief, loss, heartbreak, etc. because such songs typically overdo things WILDLY with the imagery; you've avoided that mistake entirely and given us an opportunity to feel along with you in a more genuine way by couching the emotion in terms of folding shirts, being in a bed that's too big for one, and so on. It's much more effective than getting all histrionic about the universe catching fire and crashing down around your ears would be.

I also thought "Only You" was very skillfully integrated into the piece. Nice work!

Fantastic track! Your vocals are excellent on here, I love the high notes. The melody is wonderful and just having the piano as backing lets your voice really pop and carry the song.

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That's heavy. You do a really good job of painting a scene rather than just telling. The segue into Only You is perfect.

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Great song, filled with the emptiness that one would feel when sons and daughters and a partner are gone. Even the crossword puzzle is a symbol of the blank spots in her life now. And the scene with the cards that she doesn't want to acknowledge is also powerful.

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Nicely done, Lori. Yes, I can envision my mother feeling this way after my father passed... but now...they are together again. Heartbreaking write... heartfelt throughout.