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Liner Notes: 

To further push me past the plateau I seem to have settled upon, I've decided to change tunings. I grabbed my dad's old 1967 no-name F-Hole Guitar (the only thing I know about it is that he bought it in '67 & that it's made in Japan) & tuned it to open G-Major (G-B-D-G-B-D). Right away, I started playing a bluesy riff (the main rhythm part of Bronze) & knew that something at last has changed (a little).

This also features HG Fortune's Astral Dreamer VSTi (played via my FCB1010 & IX's Magic) providing some background soundscape ambience. I really tanked on the lead line, but that wasn't really my focus here. This was all about methodology & breaking out of patterns. So for that reason, I feel this is a success (just ignore the lead guitar, please).

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List
1967 No-Name F-Hole Guitar w/ Soap Bar Pickups
Grey Jim Dunlop 0.80mm Fins Plectorum
DigiTech Grunge Pedal
Behringer UMC4040HD Audio Interface
Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller
Candle's "Live" Jeskola Buzz Project

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I like the contrast between that ROCK guitar tone and the background pad, nice sound there. Cool lead lines. I mean, imperfect, but snotty and fun. I don't see any problem with the lead bits.

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Ignore this comment!

I'd be interested to hear more about your adventures in alternate tunings. . . I'm intrigued by the idea but the few times I've tried it I just got nowhere.

Very cool riff, I like the tuning and very metallic sound of the guitar. The backing is nice over the guitars, the riff is cool enough to carry the whole track along.

If you wanna try a crazy tuning give F#, F#, F#, F#, E, B a try. It has an effect that would sound nice in your type of songs.

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Cool one, mellow and chill, and sometimes adding a new element does help to mix things up.