12 On The Brown Couch

12 On The Brown Couch

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Liner Notes: 

Lyrics aren't important here. Mumbled those and whatever. New GUITAR, people. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

(this is more me testing how the guitar picks up on the USB mic; I'll do a DI through the USB interface box I also record with a little later in 50/90, since NEW GUITAR HAS A BUILT IN PICKUP.)

12 string guitar, mumbles: me

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Love the sound of that new toy Smile And congrats on your new baby by the way Smile

USB sounds like a good solution for recording acoustics in a simple manner, the way I'd want to do it. Sounds good to me! Nice little jammin' and mumblin'

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Percussive strumming gives it nice movement while the overall feel is still kind of laid back.

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Dude. The new guitar sounds amazing. Can’t wait to hear what all you do with it

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That twelvie sounds sweeeeeeet and the mumbles-unintelligble-lyrics are perfect! Looking forward to hearing more. Call me crazy but I stopped using DI for guitar and just use a semi-cheap USB condenser mic to record most everything several years ago. When I plug a guitar in it is to a practice amp and I'm still recording the actual room sound with the condenser mic.

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The new guitar sounds awesome, Alex! I really like the mumbles. I think they add a lot to the song.

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