Uke Tune

Uke Tune

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Liner Notes: 

I came up with this little bit of tune yesterday. I think I might want to use it in my "Iago as a Disney Villain" song (Iago from Othello). Not sure yet, so it might end up standing alone.

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nice tune. im looking forward to hearing it again in whatever context you decide to put it. those snaps toward the end are a smart touch.

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That is a really nice melody it has a Spanish guitar kind of feel to it. In that genre you could get away with a very progressive rhythm strumming a little bit faster and then play the melody on top of it. Anyway you slice it it's a keeper.

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Really nice fingerpicking and great rhythm! The melodic runs are lovely, and that last chord is so cool.

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Sure, you could add words, but this is a nifty tune on its own! Enchanting, and moves into some jazz here and there. I like the balance of single notes and cool chords. Good one!

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I like the way you are using the ukulele. The change at around 54 seconds is very nice to listen to. The attack on the strumming/picking is very engaging.