Chasing Fireflies

Chasing Fireflies

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Liner Notes: 

I was reading about fireflies this morning and this idea came. Needs music and vocals.


Chasing Fireflies
© 2020 Cindy Prince

We were seven
Summer night
Chasing fireflies

It was heaven
They glowed bright
Shining in your eyes

You liked me
I liked you
We had so much fun

Running free
Just us two
How we loved to run

Back when life was innocent
And I had such a crush
Every time you looked at me
I couldn't help but blush
I fell for those dimples
And the freckles on your face
You and me and childhood
Was such a magical place

You were my first kiss
I still miss those days

We were ten
Growing up
Our lives shifting

Not sure when
We broke up
But we were drifting

Time moved on
We did too
I remember your eyes

Though it's gone
I think of you
And chasing fireflies

Repeat chorus

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A lovely story that harks back to a more free and easy time. It seemed so less complicated. Nice write.

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Aw, this is gentle and sweet; nice flashback of youthful love. I love fireflies and @the3queens and I were just talking about how many there out this year!