Damn You Were Good

Damn You Were Good

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Liner Notes: 

I had one idea and this came through instead. Needs music and vocals.


Damn You Were Good
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I only half believed you
When you said you were leavin'
With one kiss you were gone
So I better get used to believin'

I only wanted one thing
But you said you couldn't stay
Told me you had to get on that road
And you wanted it that way

I never wanted a ramblin' man
Said it would never happen to me
You were never part of my plan
But I chose not to see
I guess now I get it
You left like you said you would
But I can't really regret it
Because damn you were good

Long nights of passion
Just for the askin'

Deep down I guess I knew it
But I told myself a lie
So I'm gonna try my hardest
But tonight I want to die

Repeat chorus

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That's awesome. It's got a Lee Ann Womack vibe. Love the bridge, really serves its role. The vulnerable qualities make it extra appealing. That's not easy to convey, nice job.

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Isn't it fun when the alternative idea shows up instead? Smile Dang, Cindy, you're really on a roll! Poignant tale, sold simply and concisely, and that tight bridge whisks the whole thing off to another level.
Good work. Wink

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Classic! I totally hear this as a 70s-era style country song. Simple enough lyrics, but lots of passion.