Inside My Sandal

Inside My Sandal

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Liner Notes: 

Marthie said something about a song after I told about my cat puking in one of my sandals yesterday. So, I wrote one. Smile


Inside My Sandal
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In the laundry room I stood
I heard a sound and it wasn't good
All I could feel was my own rebuke
My cat was gagging, going to puke

I came to see where I heard it all
And wondered if it was a hairball
Oh the pity and the scandal
She had puked inside my sandal

I said to her, "it's you I blame"
But she didn't respond to her name
She was calm, did her deed
At least she hadn't also peed

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At least indeed. (Cleaning up cat puke is one thing... cat pee is a smell that seems to never come out...)

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I read the title and I just knew it couldn’t be good! (Sand spurs from the beach was my first thought.)
What a fun write about something we also have a lot of experience with in my house. I totally relate to “ I heard a sound and it wasn’t good.“ Pity for all parties involved. A cat lover’s bad day!