Daddy Was A Tulpa

Daddy Was A Tulpa

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Liner Notes: 

Bit of a throwaway song - but I think it is the spirit of 50/90 to just let these songs come out and not be too precious about them. I also have a tendency to spend hours working on demos, and then have to actually learn how to play the songs live, so instead I tried to record this in one take and not get too annoyed about any mistakes.

This is another song themed around Twin Peaks: The Return. If you haven't seen it, there is a whole extended section in it about a guy called Dougie, who is essentially a tulpa, or a kind of doppelganger of Agent Cooper. He is a useless, womanising alcoholic, and seems to have been a rubbish dad to his son Sonny Jim. After the events of the original Twin Peaks, in which Agent Cooper became stuck in the Black Lodge for 25 years, he comes back, but inherits the body of Dougie. However, he ends up being a much nicer Dad to Sonny Jim than his actual Dad was. So this song is written from the perspective of Sonny Jim..


When I was a lad
I barely knew my Dad
For he'd be gone for weeks at a time
But then he'd come rolling in
Smelling of cheap gin
And my poor Mum would then start to cry

But then, one day, Daddy went away
And when he came home he was a new man
Although he looked the same, something deep had changed
A better man had come back through the door

Daddy was a Tulpa
And i know that is true
But i loved him more than my old flesh and blood
And though I should feel sad
To have lost my actual Dad
That Tulpa was more of a Dad than him

At first I found it weird
To have you back around
Shuffling round like you didnt have a clue
But when you said goodnight
And clapped out my light
I knew that I wanted you to stay
And we had such fun
Playing in the sun
With the Mitchum brothers as our new best friends
I saw in my mum's eyes
That she was satisfied
With the doppelganger of our dear old dad

Daddy was a Tulpa..

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Never been a Twin Peaks person at all but this is some good storytelling in a classic country/western motif.

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I have not seen "The Return", sadly; I'm finding it hard to track down.
Big Lynch fan, though.
The only tune I've ever heard about tulpas, tho, so props for that.
Great country vibe here for sure.
Nicely done.

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Good solid storytelling song with a strong guitar line. Nice

Much like your last song you take this old sound on very well. This is a classic feeling track, well performed. Enjoyable listen!

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I've got a friend who is a HUGE Twin Peaks fan. She would love this. I watched it, but never really took to it. I was expecting Mark Snow sounding stuff. I like the country folk sound. A little Woody Guthrie, a little Pete Seeger.