Wide Open Eyes

Wide Open Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

So yeah. Entry 4 of 28 in the series which has no name because the elephant is making me decide by means of history and the wide open skies. That there will be 28 songs is completely arbitrary of me but it was a random number I threw out on slackchat so I'm holding myself to it as a constraint, anyway.

If you know me the theme of the series is so self-evident as to be boring, if you don't, I hope you're enjoying the songs anyway.

I am quite fond of the chord structure here:

E C for the chorus

G D F E for part 1 of each verse

F A for part 2 of each verse.


wide open eyes
to the wide open skies
it's no surprise
I've got wide open eyes

what do I take for granted?
what have I just ignored?
of what have I been complacent?
with what have I become bored?

I need to take a moment
and think again
I need to take a moment
let it sink in again

wide open eyes
to the wide open skies
it's no surprise
I've got wide open eyes

so easy after all these years
so simple to forget
so straightforward or so it seems
but it's not over yet

I need to take a moment
and dream again
I need to take a moment
draw out the scheme again

wide open eyes
to the wide open skies
it's no surprise
I've got wide open eyes

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Love these chords and melody! Lyrics reflect quite the conundrum.

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Hmm...I don't have a guitar handy. You're telling me you've stacked up all those major chords? Cool! I wouldn't have suspected. It all sounds so easy and natural. Sweet!

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ooee, that chorus is an earworm. Enjoyed each turn on that chord. Terse verse, but effective, especially with the repetition. This is actually really good.

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very good song Alex as good as i have heard you! good lyric great drive excellent vocal

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Lovely, I think the melody and harmony are really strong! It flows really natural

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Wow, this is so appealing! Love the melody and the message!

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That is a fun progression. Super moody, shoegaze-y, yumminess. Maybe you are the open act for Nirvana Unplugged?
And it really is straight forward. Just have to wait for the answer. That's the tricky bit.

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A nice chord progression and melody for sure. Definitely keeps the listener engaged. Strong vocals, too!

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I like how the chorus opens up, it's like taking a breath...and it's in good contrast to the verses. Good message and nicely delivered!

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This has got a grungy feel to it, for me. I really like the melody & the chords fit perfectly. I could see a full band production of this drawing on the Seattle sound of the late '80's & early '90's. Awesome tune, Alex!

See You In The Shadows…

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This is really nice! Those all major chords do this a great justice Smile really give it an oomph
I do a lot with all minor chords, don't think I've ever done anything in all majors hah!

really great vocal and lyric on this too! I'm intrigued how you're arbitrary 28 is going to come out Wink

compelling chorus-- everything falls upward from that. you have described, with rich simplicity, the weird clarity of the moment we're all living in--

and oooh that voice!

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I like that chorus, I love the ideas expressed. We do need to take time to appreciate.