'No more paper' blues

'No more paper' blues

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'No more paper' blues-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

So I wanted to to print Cindy's lyrics about the train and guess what... sigh

Wel I ended up recording the song- not sure I'm a Blues girl...


'No more paper' blues

I’ve got the ‘no more paper blues’
Because all the paper has been used
‘Twas loaded
‘Twas lasered
“Twas looped through the machine
‘Twas spit out on the other side
Until the last one was to- leave…

The long awaited moment where the empty tray is left
The long awaited moment where all the
shops are closed
The roads are dark
The streetlamps only flicker
To tell you
-yes remind you-
there is no use to feel so bitter
the paper tray is empty
the paper tray bare
Where there used to be a stack of A4’s
You can see there is now nothing over there…

I’ll see you in the morning
-You gotto wait for the shops to open-
It will be better after your early coffee
To see if they sell- you know-…
some more

(But in the meantime it is ok to be blue…!
O yeah right- I can’t print this… damn)

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LOL... this is sooo funny, and sooo easy to relate to. Of course, if you had a pen or pencil, and anything to write on... haha!
I forced myself out of bed this morning, to find a pen and the back of an envelope to jot down part of a lyric, so I wouldn't forget it. Could you imagine if my paper tray was empty?? I'd be SCREWED!! LOL
Nice to see you Marthie.