Oh Candie, Mandie and Sandie

Oh Candie, Mandie and Sandie

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Liner Notes: 

I really like Twin Peaks so my wife suggested that I write some Twin Peaks songs. This song is about Candie, Mandie and Sandie, three mysterious and glitzy characters who feature in Twin Peaks: The Return as hangers on of the thuggish Mitchum brothers. My wife said it would sound good as a doo wop song, so this was my attempt. I wrote the lyrics and the melody while sitting in my car outside a shop.

On reflection, I think I might take out the 'chorus', make it a middle 8 that only features once, and maybe put a key change at the end, as I feel something isn't quite working..

(NOTE: I've re-recorded this song and taken on board some of the feedback, as well as adding a spoken word section and a key change!)


Oh Candie, and Mandie,
I love you
And Sandie, you know that
There's a time for me and you
And how am I supposed to choose
Between the three of you
Cos I love Candie
(oh yes I do)

For when i saw you
Underneath the neon lights
With a tray of sandwiches for two
I knew that you and me
Could never be apart
But then I saw the other two...

Oh Sandie, and Mandie,
Will the cards be right tonight
And not forgetting Candie,
With your teeth so pearly white
How am I supposed to choose
Between the three of you
Cos I love Sandie (oh yes I do)

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Cool stuff. I think maybe the mix needs toned down a little, with the percussion a bit further back, and the guitar a bit of a softer tone. None of that really relates to the songwriting though. I know what you mean about Twin Peaks, and even that this song is obviously from the recent series of Twin Peaks rather than the original. You've really hit the nail on the head as regards the feel here. Nice work.

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Yes! Definitely has that Twin Peaks soundtrack feel, and I love that sound! Cool bit of retro guitar sound, and I dig the soul in your vocal.

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you have captured david lynch's revisionism of the doo wop ballad. i especially like the sound you get on your vocals the guitar solo is classic!

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Excellent, you had me with the liner notes and kept me with the intro. Captured the style perfectly. Really really good, love the guitar. A fav here!

Oooh, good job on that old time feel. The tremoloy guitars and percussion. The vocal reverb adds to it also. You got all the right elements on here. I enjoyed this one!

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Nice! Love that guitar sound, and your voice is perfect here. I'm a sucker for a good doo wop song. I'm pretty naive, musically, so I probably wouldn't have noticed the key change if you hadn't mentioned it, but it works nicely here. (I never watched Twin Peaks. Is that something I should be binging on right now, in this Year of our Covid?)

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Thanks for the nice comments. You should totally wstch Twin Peaks. The first season odd but enjoyably quirky. The third series is crazy but you can build up to that!