Into The Depths

Into The Depths

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Liner Notes: 

Into the depths we go. Wherever they may be. The ocean, a cave, a pyramid, a science ficition city on a strange planet known for odd things happening.

Things happening here:
Native Instruments Trombones essential, Strings Essential and The Giant Cinematic run through a "Cistern" reverb patch ( custom )

Reaktor FX ensemble over a field recording of the boarwalk in ocean city with Replika XT (delay module)

recording of the beach on a windy day run through Stutter Edit 2, with the Cistern reverb patch.

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Oooh very cool combo of field recordings with patches of strings and things!

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That is indeed very scienfantastical. The sweeping samples add depth and a certain mystery to the Feild recordings. It evokes a feeling that one can almost but not quite discern a narrative.

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This is wonderful - an array of otherwordly and natural. I'm inspired, because I like doing recordings around my neighborhood, too!

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Getting that Unreal vibe. In a space temple, just wondering what monstrosity is lurking behind the next corner.

That... I'm going to assume bitcrushed vocal track, is the most intense part about this. It just makes everything... more hyped. And the piano paints with wide strokes some interstellar atmosphere.


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I enjoyed listening to this. It's not my usual or go-to genre, but when in the right mood, this kind of thing can really be exactly what I want to listen to. Reminds me a bit of Vangelis, like the Bladerunner soundtrack, or a touch of Jocelyn Pook. Anyway, I liked it quite a bit. Good job!