The money worry song

The money worry song

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The Money Worry song-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

It's complicated

ok so I paid the money for my children's book to be edited(or whatever it is they do to 30 000 words) to see if it should become a book. Poor and holding my thumbs... at least I got an invite to go and do a lady (101 years old)'s footcare.

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Gosh, I'm sorry you have money issues.
That used to be me until recently.
Your worries have produced quite a lovely song, though.
I can hear a bit of your tension here, too.
Sounds like a rapidly flowing stream, burbling along over the rocks and stones.
Well done!

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I hope you have all the money you need soon. You are so so talented! This is outstanding!

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Yeah nothing can quite brighten a stressful time like handling some gnarled old lady feet Smile

The stress comes through in's angsty but wistful

great tune, really enjoyed it! especially the little break about midway through.

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lovely theme and i love how you develop it, especially when you get to the momotonal beatlesque passages, then the music breaks and almost stops berfore you get some cash in hand to rev it up again.

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Love the steady bass, underneath the flowing melody, hope the book works out, I can feel that strange mix of both optimism and fear in this.

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I listened to this, thought I'd commented. Well, I'll just listen again!
As a pianist whose skills can get rusty, I admire people who can do left hand and right hand as two separate but entirely complementary entities. This is a wonderful, emotional piece!