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Liner Notes: 

Sort of based how I felt once upon a time. Needs music and vocals.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

Newly in love I felt like I was soaring
High in the clouds floating along
Back then I saw things with new eyes
Felt every word should be a song

Over time I came back down again
Barely staying afloat on the sea
I could feel you pulling away
Said you didn't really love me

Now I'm drowning
In tears and hurt
I am holding
Your t-shirt
It smells like you
Don't want to let go
I'm drowning
I've lost control

I try to think about other things
But right now the pain stings

In time I hope to soar again
But right now I'm drowning in sorrow
It's going to be awhile until I heal
It's hard to think about tomorrow

Repeat chorus

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This is very heartfelt. I especially like the image of hanging on to an old shirt. I also like the contrasting metaphors of soaring and sinking. For me, every word really should be a song: I'm always casting about for any random phrase and then trying to build something from there Smile

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Strong one this, high emotion, very good word use. Needs the right vocalist