May You Find Your Peace

May You Find Your Peace

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Liner Notes: 

Companion Poem

May you find your peace.

May you find a moment
where you can be alone
where you can rest and dream
where you may sit in your home

Where your cares will dissapear
Where your worries will vanish
Where you can sit and be free
And feel whole again

May you look to the sky
and the find the peace you seek
may you feel a helping hand
and feel the weight washed away

May you listen to the world
and hear the beauty around
a rustle in the trees
the song of the outside

I pray you find
whatever it is you seek
and may you find your happiness
in this moment of peace.

Take a moment to yourself
quiet your mind
listen to world
and the answer you'll find.

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Man, I really love the poem. Is that yours too? I am going to keep that for re-reading, as needed.
Enjoyed the music very much, and I especially liked the way it moves from being primarily peaceful to being energized. It seems to really reflect the wish expressed in the poem, that paying attention to that source of nourishment can propel us toward our own unique contentment and joy. I was moved by the "listen" stanza ("the song of the outside"); it became very real for me, as that is often how I meditate. Thank you for making this replenishing offering.

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Yup poem is original too. :). Originally the idea was a blessing of sorts, but it sort of just evolved into a poem. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Very boards of canada.

The poem takes me to that quiet place inside of me. And the beat seems to speed everything up and send me on a journey. The synth pads are like waves crashing on a digital shore. Calming and centering.

This track stands on its own with its beauty and epic, uplifting vibe.
Another great round of sound selections. Lovely combos with that piano, strings and pads.
Just enough drum track and rhythm to pull us more into the atmosphere and get lost in it.
Then the words.
It...caused emotion.
Without even being spoken in the track.
Conveying it with the music.
Loved this.

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Wondering (but don't need an answer) did the poem inspire the music or the music inspire the poem. Could hear it spoken or sun, or both over the music. Either way both are beautiful!