Mecha Mecha High

Mecha Mecha High

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Liner Notes: 

This was made with straight up random found sound percussion samples loaded into an Ableton Live 10 drum rack. And some additional processing.

Samples used are as follows:
Windshield wipers
Door closing
A bleep and a bloop
Water Drip
Paper Wadded Up
A light Switch

Ended up having to remove the track from
SoundCloud to free up some space (boooooo)

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I love working with found sounds!
Really great assembly and treatment job here for sure.
Super nice headphone music zipping and zapping about.
Dance music for robots.

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Nice! Very catchy considering it is all found sounds. You've put it together really well, to make a nice upbeat bouncy bit of music!

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It's obviously some sort of party machine. You plug it in and it makes the punch, the party noises, and INFINITE CONFETTI AT A RATE OF 200 CUBIC ACRES PER MINUTE.

I really enjoyed the rhythmic beating energy. Makes me wanna move!

I'm not usually into experimental stuff, but there is something so intriguing about this to my ears.
First off, the use of all these sounds - molding them into an undeniable percussion groove.
SO many possibilities with this as a percussion track.
Inspiring, truly.
Also, I read the list of sounds and found myself trying to pinpoint each of them. I like that I can't quite get them all. Makes it even more whimsical.
You used this stuff in such an awesome way.
Whatever fx and processing you used is also quite cool.
Enjoyed this way more than I expected to.

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Love it. Propulsive! I often end up doing things with mostly found sounds, wandering around the neighborhood with a portable recorder.

Cool breakdown near 1:30, then some build and distortion to get us out