One and Only

One and Only

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy Let me have a bash at putting melody to her amazing Lyrics


You Are
© 2020 Cindy Prince
Cm. E
You are
C# E
So Kind
And what a wonderful find
C# B A G#
C#m. E
You are
C#. E
You’re Swell
And have me under your spell

C#m B A G#m
You are my one and only
C#m B A G#m
You are why I'm still here
C#m BA E Eb C# B A
You loved me unconditionally

And took away my fear
And baby, you're my one and only

You are
And I always want you near

You are
And oh how you make me feel

Repeat chorus

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Just love what you've done with my words! So tender and endearing. Thank you!

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Thks Cindy I need to find some time to fix my production skills soon. I think this song has huge potential

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thus songs seems a distant cousin to the everly brothers all i have to do is dream

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I do ejoy cliff and the everly brothers so perhaps there is some influece ! who knows ?thanks for listening Bill

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Neil, I think this is the first song of yours that I've listened to--really enjoying it. Lovely melody and great vocal--of course, Cindy's always-inspiring lyrics are great, too. Looking forward to hearing more! (P.S. I'm posting a slightly blasphemous song of my own as I write this--please don't judge my own music by that first impression!) Wink

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Thanks for listening ! Thanks for your encouragement! no judgement from this plankeyed saint!

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I really like the tenderness in your vocals. You can feel the pain and longing through the way you sing. The guitars compliment your singing beautifully.

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thanks so much for your kind comments !

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I really love the chord progression and the pacing of the delivery of these lovely lyrics. Such a beautiful love song! Great collaboration!