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Liner Notes: 

This was a writing prompt to make use of sounds from the kitchen!


see you in the kitchen
breathing in the rhythm
mixin’ on the fixin’s
good to be home

so glad you made it
lips wanna taste
pulling at your apron
making me moan

oh oh
oh oh
fall from fingers

hands at the faucet
getting me wet
you dropped all the dishes
then i said

“that table’s unstable
the chair will do
sit on my lap
so i can feed you”
oh oh
oh oh
fall on my fingers

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Clever use of the found sounds! That tune though... wow. And the lyrics are as steamy as the kitchen window on a -30 day when you've been boiling water on the stove...

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Yeah, love the distinctive rhythm and slight dissonance of the kitchen sounds. Creates the perfect atmosphere for your sensual and suggestive lyrics. So good!

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Nice mesh of styles here, the hip-hop beats, the bluesy vocals, the distant acoustic to give a littl.. all creates a very interesting mix!

Trippy drums, abstract vibe, excellent concept and arrangement.
The barely there guitar complimenting the beat, the choppy sections, and the sustained elec piano/vibraphone parts...so subtle, but so expertly placed.
It all just really drives home the feel of the vocals and what they are saying. Jazzy, trippy, kinda wet and hot.
A treat for the ears.