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2020 07 14 Lockdown

Liner Notes: 


going downtown
but in the mind
they shut it down
they never mind

can't get downtown
without a mask
they looked at us
took us to task

we ask to live
who are we kidding
it seems confusion
is at their bidding

just like a wheel
they want to feel
how it might go
with rock and roll

lit up a joint
but what's the point
with video
and strong rejoinder

they locked us down
gave up our cars
no busses running
we can't get far

we looked for hand jive
to stay alive
we found some gals
working 9 to 5

you have your dreams
i see what you mean
can we just meet
out on the street

jumping through hoops
not for me or you
do you expect some tv dude
to reach the truth

it's make believe
it's all they see
but you and i
we must get free

if we could just take a stand
if we could just take the stand
if we could testify
about how it is to be high

whoah that gal she stole my heart
i gotta say that's a way to start
if i were young and rich i'd give it all to her
but as it is i'm old and broke and disfigured

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Catchy tune and that electronic background plus guitar lead is a pretty cool sonic landscape.

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This recording has a really engrossing feel to it, quite a wild little sonic landscape you've carved out.
fun conversational vocal! (tho hey, if you go downtown, wear a mask for the sake of others! Smile )

nice work!

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love it , really engaging song with a nice mixture of stuff and combination of instruments/styles. vocals great. all round enjoyable listen and i second what Mike said Smile