Soil Water Light 2

Soil Water Light 2

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Liner Notes: 

A second, different song with the same title, because I like the title so much. It's based on a philosophical conversation with my wife.

Also, I think I was subconsciously borrowing a bit from a Grateful Dead song on this one. Only a Deadhead might know - it's a song from the mid-1970s, and it's about weather.


Got no place to go
Got time to watch flowers grow
and to ponder philosophy
no book, no teacher, only me

Move too fast, you will miss
truth comes down to this
We all come from seeds
Soil, water, light – what we need

Watch the seasons turn
from leaves and grass you will learn
sit still, no need to run
follow the arc of the sun

Hard times for sure, for what it’s worth
Maybe a reset for the earth
plant the garden, pull the weeds
Soil, water, light – what we need

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Part two and just as good! I love the simple and sweet way it goes along.

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good allegory for a world that eats too much and plants too little

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I have a large garden, mostly edibles. This really resonates! Nice listening too.

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Heard too many dead tunes in the background of my youth,....they all just sound like one big long one to me Wink

song 2.....I'm glad you did two of these! can we expect 3? Smile

great guitar work, lovely lyrics love that last verse especially