The Clydesdale Horses Today

The Clydesdale Horses Today

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Liner Notes: 

This was a tongue twister- a added some repetition to make it easier to jump in and sing along


The Clydesdale Horses Today
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I was lucky
This Thursday
The big Clydesdale horses were here

I was happy
It was great
To see the Clydesdale horses so near

They are big, big horses
With long hair on their feet
They stand up so high
They're really neat
Their coats are all shiny
It was so sweet
To see the Clydesdales go by

I was excited
This July day
They pulled a wagon past me

I wasn't frightened
They are okay
The prettiest horses to see

Repeat chorus

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So what are Marthie and Cindy up to today... AH--very nice! I remember you posting pictures of the Clydesdales the other day. Marthie--jeez, you have done such a great job with melody and rhythm here. I wish I had that part of songwriting down...

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Aw...what a sweet, melodic number. I love the vocal and the way it bounces along. Who would have thought to sing about Clydesdales? Neat!

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A nice little children's song, this one, i'd say! I hope there are actions, to go with the song! Smile