Monkeys After All

Monkeys After All

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Liner Notes: 

I've been in a bit of a funk since COVID (Who hasn't?) and have been having a hard time sitting down and writing a song. I've kind of neglected my body and recently started biking again and that's helped moved some stuck energy. I was just sitting in my room and found the @metalfoot's Skirmish ( and the theme was "clumsy". I loaded up a rhyming dictionary and started rhyming with "clumsy" and a sort of story emerged from these silly rhymes.

It feels good to get a song out there. I think part of my struggles recently may have been keeping this energy stuck in my head so it has nowhere to go. Channeling it in to a song feels empowering. These are strange times and navigating self-care is an ongoing process. I'm walking this fine line between allowing inspiration but not relying on it. My intention to trust that intuitive wisdom and whatever wants to come out.


Clumsy monkeys
Touchy tummies
Funny bunnies
Lost in the middle of a
Great big bad world
Squirming like worms
To work up the nerve
To say what we really want to say
It's ok to behave like an animal
Shake off the shackles
Of being human
We're monkeys after all
We have to contend with our cavemen ways
That are deeply ingrained
Silly Willies
Building cities
Quickly richly
Make money and screw the other
Hungry humans
Who will feed them?
Is the name of the game
It's a shame to behave like a criminal
We could learn a thing or two
About being human
We're monkeys after all
We have to contend with our caveman ways
That are deeply ingrained
We're homo sapiens
Trying to make sense of consciousness
Inside these oversized brains

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Honestly, you could sing the phone book and I would listen to every word, so I'm loving this! It's clever and I love your voice.

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Glad my skirmish theme was able to get you a little unstuck musically! Catchy tune and clever lyrics.

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This is absolutely lovely. I love how you mirror the vocal melody on the ukulele at the end of the verses. I absolutely love how you stretch out the rhythm on "human beings." The lyrics are charming. You voice is so effortless! I mean I pretty much just Love everything about this. Seriously!

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Great melody to this! and great lyrical take on the clumsy theme Smile
Good stuff all around!

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This is a helluva treat -- your vocals are amazing and the song itself is a pleasure even if the message is a bit alarming. Wow.

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carchy melody and words that stick with you, sung and played most beautifully.