I'm Lonely, But I Love Someone

I'm Lonely, But I Love Someone

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I'm Lonely, But I Love Someone (50/90 challenge demo)

Liner Notes: 

Part of the second challenge I set for myself, which is to write a mini musical over the course of a few days. (Sorry I'm not uploading the songs in order but when I'm finished I will add a track list so listeners can go through the whole thing if they wish.) It actually stems for a story idea I had as a child about a girl who went through her whole life trying to be "extraordinary" by trying out all these different things and pushing herself to her limits, but never satisfied because she never had any extraordinary accomplishments, and at the end she realized that all her efforts actually made her extraordinary. I suppose it reflected my own tendencies and I wanted to reassure myself that I am great in my own way, so the songs I'm writing are somewhat autobiographical.

Similar to "Want You to Be Proud" this looks at the desire to be extraordinary from a different angle. That song was about having a mentor/role model who pushes you to your limits and makes you yearn for greatness. This one is about the hole created when you love someone but can't be with them, and whether *that* can be the reason for being overly ambitious as a distraction from the loneliness. I didn't nail the performance, but I'm trying to do everything in one take so I don't waste too much time per song.


I've told this lie
So many times it's automatic
I say that I'm not lonely
And I don't need anybody
I'm only concerned with success
But the truth is so far away from that

I need someone, I've already found him
And he's the one for me, but I'm not the one for him
I'm lonely, but I love someone
I love someone but I'm lonely
He's left an empty space inside me
Is this why I am the way I am

And I'll never forget
The first time we met, when I thought he was just average
It's so strong but it came on so slowly
And that only makes me surer that he's what I need
And I once had a chance to win him over
But I lost it a long, long time ago

I'm lonely because I love someone whom I can never have
Whose love for me is lost forever
Is this why I am the way I am?
But no, I've been this way since I can remember
Admitting this is the first step
And it doesn't explain every part who I am
And it won't solve all my problems
I'm just lonely and I just love someone

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Very melodic, and you have a great voice and good guitar playing too. I enjoyed listening.

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I like the description of requited love and the tension in the tempo through the shifts in the non-relationship.

Great lyrics, the flipping of lonely and love someone in the chorus is a small touch but really clever. You take this topic on in a more interesting and reflective way.

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Love the videos!

This has got that Haim and Ben Folds energy. You've got a great voice. Definitely relatable song.

Still a bit hazy on if other people can fill that empty space inside. I'll get back to you if I figure it out, yea? Biggrin

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This is lovely, singer-songwriter-punk. Makes me think of Georgia May. Catchy tune!

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Hi @Jessica Szturmann thanks for the comment! I tried to look up Georgia May but couldn't find anything that seemed right. Do you have any links? I'm always looking for similar artists for promotion!