Want You to Be Proud

Want You to Be Proud

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Want You to Be Proud (50/90 challenge demo)

Liner Notes: 

Part of the second challenge I set for myself, which is to write a mini musical over the course of a few days. (Sorry I'm not uploading the songs in order but when I'm finished I will add a track list so listeners can go through the whole thing if they wish.) It actually stems for a story idea I had as a child about a girl who went through her whole life trying to be "extraordinary" by trying out all these different things and pushing herself to her limits, but never satisfied because she never had any extraordinary accomplishments, and at the end she realized that all her efforts actually made her extraordinary. I suppose it reflected my own tendencies and I wanted to reassure myself that I am great in my own way, so the songs I'm writing are somewhat autobiographical.

This particular song is exploring the need to be extraordinary from a different angle. I can see these lyrics having a different meaning to different people, but for me it's about having a role model and mentor in your life who is SO impressive and so important to you that you just want to push yourself as hard as you can to be the best you can be to try to impress them and make them proud. The song wonders if this is the only reason for the main character's need to be extraordinary rather than being intrinsic.


You are my teacher
And you've taught me everything I know
And all I've ever wanted was to know and do and be
As much as you are and know and do someday

Maybe I don't need all this
All the lights and the love and the crowds, I just...
Want you to be proud
Want to be your safe bet
Want you to be proud
And never, ever forget

You are my guardian
You've always kept me safe
And whenever I was ready for the next big step
You always gave me a boost and then slowly let go of my hand

You are my copilot
You're my companion in this journey
And even though you aren't with me every single day
Like an angel you're sitting on my shoulder right there with me

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Very bright tune. The musical idea is a cool challenge and you have a great theme for it. The lyrics are really nice. I like the tune especially the "you" opening line.