(I Want to Be) Extraordinary

(I Want to Be) Extraordinary

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(I Want to Be) Extraordinary (50/90 challenge demo)

Liner Notes: 

So this is the first song of the second challenge I set for myself which is to write a mini musical. It actually stems for a story idea I had as a child about a girl who went through her whole life trying to be "extraordinary" by trying out all these different things and pushing herself to her limits, but never satisfied because she never had any extraordinary accomplishments, and at the end she realized that all her efforts actually made her extraordinary. I suppose it reflected my own tendencies and I wanted to reassure myself that I am great in my own way, so the songs I'm writing are somewhat autobiographical.

The way I'm writing I'm really going for quantity over quality in the hopes that, if there's a song that I really want to do something with later, I can always go back and tweak it to make it great. This one was kind of weird because while it has a chorus, it doesn't have much else in the way of structure. It has an A part, B part, and C part basically. Kind of weird. I did try a little bit harder with rhymes than I usually do. I didn't use all perfect rhymes but I just tried to make it rhyme in general.


I want to be extraordinary
I want to see the weight that I can carry
I want to be extraordinary

As far as I can remember, this has been my only goal
Though I don't even know what it means
It's a big and beautiful world and I still haven't found my role
I just want to star in some scenes

All my life I've tried and tried and tried
But never once have I been satisfied
Sometimes I do all right
But I've never tasted greatness

I want it, but I have my doubts
If there will ever be a time when I can say that's what I am
But oh, just imagine if I could!

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This is the perfect place to play with unconventional structures-- and I think this is a cool intro to your mini musical. I'll have to take a listen to the other tracks in your collection and see where things head with it!

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nice to see a video Smile the straightforward rendition suits the song very well. i can really see it as part of a musical, good luck with that project!

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Yes... this one as well. The things I've struggled with... so it's like wait... did you write the musical about me?! ROFL

I wonder where this all goes. What's the climax! What's the denouement? Gonna wait and see!

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I really like this concept and that bridge (aka C part) is a great story launching point!