She Prays

She Prays

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Liner Notes: 

This started out in slightly different place than it ended. I was planning on writing another ballad about a scorn woman who kills her lover but after I wrote the first first I thought, "What if the woman finds her husband dead and loses it?" This is what came of that thought.

This is the story of a woman married to a man in the mob who is murdered in their bed, she is so filled with grief that she kills her self in his arms. So you know, areal uplifting love song.

I may have over indulged a little on the arrangement but I wanted more than just guitar, vocals and bass on this one and I'm trying to stretch into more programming.

On this track:
Acoustic Guitar
Bass (Fend Squire Strat pitch shifted down an octave)
Midi Organ (I really love the organ so much I could add it to way more things than should have it)
Sampled Kick
Sampled Snare

Probably going to be the last song from me for at least a week, I'm having minor surgery on 7/14 and last time it was a good week or two before I could really start working on things again but I'll check the comments and be listening when I can until I'm up to recording again.


Verse: am F E
Chorus: dm C G

The armchair's empty
There's no one home
Another night
All alone

How she grew
To hate that
Old chair
Filled with
Desperation and despair

She tries
To turn a blind eye
Never asking where
And never asking why
But it gets a little
Harder each day
She gets down on
Her knees and prays
She prays

She walks
Down the hall
That's when the tears
Begin to fall

The door was open
She could see all to clear
Gone was the man
She held so dear

She tries
To turn a blind eye
Never asking where
And never asking why
But it gets a little
Harder each day
She gets down on
Her knees and prays
She prays

She sits him down
In that old arm chair
The pain is too much
To bear

Thinking how
She lost her love
This way
No reason to
Go on another day

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Compelling story! I really love it and think your production is just perfect. Goose one!

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This is very haunting and touching! I love the melodies you created. I like the groove on the guitar and your voice is lovely to listen to. The choice of instruments in so cool, almost operatic! What a great tune!

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Absolutely fabulous tune. I was captured right at the start and was hooked all the way through. The narrative, the production, your vocals. It all comes together beautifully. I love this...a lot!

Aging Ophelia's picture

haunting story, haunting vocals. you've got me in a bit of a spell...

Tim Fatchen's picture

Don't apologise about too much arrangement. Sometimes the song just demands it, even in 5090! And the bass and snare give depth and emphasis to this mournful story. Quite hauinting, I know others say that, but that's because it IS! And its a surpiringly powerful yric with that backing. Good stuff!!

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Masterful storytelling, with a commanding vocal performance and a dark and ominous atmosphere. Those little drum rolls and organ fills work beautifully to round out the tune.

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Whoa! Powerful succinct story that packs a gut punch of despair. I love the details of your backstory and what inspired this song. Your music and arrangement are very effective. The heartbeat kick adds a nice depth And dimension. Your vocals are wonderful in delivering this in such a compelling way. Another wonderful song, Catherine!

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This has a real slow-burn quality to it, a quiet power. I really like the simple organ breaks you put in there. They serve as a sort of pallet cleanser before you serve up another dose of despair. Lovely vocal, too