Oh No, What To Do

Oh No, What To Do

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Liner Notes: 

This is a bit of a silly throwaway song, but then that's what this is for isn't it? I'm also trying not to spend hours polishing demos so excuse the bum notes in this.

I read somewhere that John Lennon put an effect on his voice on 'I'm Only Sleeping' to make him sound like a tired old man, so I think that was on my mind here..


Oh no, what to do
I don't know where I'm going to
There's a black dog on my back
My baby's gone, she ain't coming back

My pocket's full of dust
And i don't know who to trust
My bottle's sprung a leak
I ain't had a drink for a week

But if I can't have you..I don't know what I'm gonna do

My bucket's full of holes
And I can't even get on the dole
My car won't start, the battery's flat
And there's an eviction notice on my mat

The landlord smiled at me
As I handed over my key
And as he shut the door
I saw my girl's clothes on the floor

But if I can't have you..I don't know what I'm gonna do

I can't get a job
And I can't even get a dime
And even the preacher says
That i'm a waste of time..

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Interesting vocal effect, it gives it an old Blues feel sort of. It fits the song really well. I like the feel of this track, solid guitar work. Good job this was an enjoyable tune.

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I didn't read the liner notes beforehand and wasn't expecting that vocal effect, but it adds a lot of personality to the song. Enjoyed the classic hard-on-your luck country lyrics and the percussion, but I think what I like most is the darker feel of the melody as it descends on the verses.

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yup that effect is interesting. The sort of music its impossible not to enjoy! a bit different and that is real good!

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This is a hell of a good "throw away song", I wouldn't be so quick to toss it out. There is a catchy, rockabilly feel to it but the effects make it feel much more gritty. Clever use of effects on your voice. I love this one, for me, it has a White Stripes feel to it. The lyrics have a sense of sad, desperation that works well with the arrangement. Something about the line, "My pocket's full of dust / And i don't know who to trust" really grabbed me. Very nice job on this song!

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Is that like rotary reverb? Or some sort of phaser? I'm so bad with effects. But I like how different it is!

"even the preacher says that i'm a waste of time.." Haha Lol Oh man you have a way with words. Even your throwaways are great and memorable.