Yesterday's News

Yesterday's News

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Liner Notes: 

Immeadiately when I read the lyrics by @coolparadiso, I got this almost bob Dylan vibe from them (based on my admittedly miniscule awareness of bob Dylan). So I kept it simple and just let the words guide the melody and loved the result. Used a single mic and no edits to help it glue together and give it a more natural sound.


Yesterdays news

V1 Hey Jim i said
Not sure whats the game
Been round here before
But nothings now the same

V2 Everything seems different
To how it was before
I was pretty sure
That i used to know the score

C Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Mmm mmm mmm mmm

V3 So how longs it been
Seems only like yesterday
I cant believe its been 5 years
To the very day

V4 Well of course i didnt want to leave
Wasnt my idea
When they put me in the van
Even I was full of fear

Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Mmm mmm mmm mmm

B Like a fish out of water
Like a hammer without a nail
Like a surfacing Tapir
Waiting to exhale

C Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Mmm mmm mmm mmm

They used to know my name round here
The rich and the poor
But i’m now yesterdays news
They don’t know me anymore

(Spoken) Things may change

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Oh yeah, Bob Dylan and the 60's. Really enjoyed this. Love the spoken part. Good one!

That strumming intro instantly recalls Bobby but then your vocals take it past that. Nice melody and performance on this track, I like the hhmm-hhhm-hhhm bits. You did a good taking on the lyrics, good job both of you.

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Yeah...nice little folk vibe to this. Good job, lads! Great lyric story and really nice job on the strummin' and singin'. Enjoyed it very much!

You would not believe how much my anxieties are kicking off just thingking about trying to do what you've done here, recording a whole song in one take on a single mic; I have trouble speaking and playing a guitar at the same time, so much kudos from me!

Getting more of a Woody Guthrie vibe from this than Mr Zimmerman, but then again, Bob was heavily influenced by Woody...

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Well done. Nice rendition. Yup i reckon woody guthries in the house. Thx

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Oh gosh, I got sad there a bit with the story, but that last line there gives a nice hint of things to possibly come! The bridge has some great visuals and I enjoyed the natural, conversational lyrics. The music complements the words very naturally as well. Good vocal tells the story with heart.

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I just love a song with a tapir in it! Seriously, you captured an amalgam of the folk world some of us use to know. I think this could be a crowdpleaser at a festival.

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Well, you certainly nailed down the Dylan feel and I'm loving the folky but slightly melancholic chord progression and melody. Matches the lyrics to a T, a very relatable theme and an amazing job of capturing it in a conversational way. The title drop might hit the hardest, the stanza involving it is my favorite along with "Seems only like yesterday, I cant believe its been 5 years". Musically, I think the bridge is my favorite part. The melancholy of the chord progression and melody hits a peak there and I can hear the emotion in the vocal performance. Fantastic song, you guys!

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Enjoyed this one. The humming in the breaks is pretty cool. "When they put me in the van" just about says it all.

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Great storytelling, and I love the chorus of "mmmmm" and the "surfacing tapir." Performance sounds really good ... nice singin' and playin'.

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EXCELLENT! Nailed the Dylan feel. Keeping these lyrics simple was the perfect choice.