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Rain-Instrumental-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

It's raining today- normal winter rain... and then the sun shines through- and then it rains again...
Trying new chords- very slow to grow on me

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Beautiful piece. It's fitting for a rainy day. There's a light storm brewing over here as well this morning.

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Maybe my listening to this will bring needed rain here. This sounds like rain falling. Brilliant!

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I enjoyed this very much. I like the way it reflects the many moods rain can pass through in one continuous shower. I really loved the descent around 30 seconds in, into a softer world of sound, one which I began to associate with the collective water on the ground in puddles and rivers, as opposed to the bright punctuating raindrops. That first cascade just opened me up energetically. Overall this is a very engaging and relaxing treat after my workday. I was definitely in the mood for an instrumental, and loved it!