Witches Season

Witches Season

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Liner Notes: 

This track is inspired by the movie 'Season of the Witch'. In it I used the stock string machine in my Yamaha piano, as well as a recorder I had laying around.



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The dark strings along with the oft unsettling recorder line creates a spine-chilling tone. Nicely done!

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If I close my eyes, I can picture a movie scene where they are marching the "witches" to their doom. The recorder is almost the crying of animals watching it all unfold. Really well done.

Hooray for string arrangements! Let's make 2020 the orchestral Fifty/Ninety; I am already deep down that particular rabbit hole...

I agree with @DeannaSweidel - that recorder really does sound animalistic; my first thought was geese. Very cinematic.

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Beautifully sad and solemn. Some of the recorder sounds remind me of seagulls; the piece leaves me with an image of a lonely beach under foreboding skies. Very nice!

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What a wonderfully inventive use of the recorder, and a very original composition altogether, one that definitely drew me in and messed with my brain a little bit. The music suggested some kind of inner split taking place for me at one point. An out of kilter consciousness. Well done, sir!

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Nice rich sound. The recorder is a nice little surprise in this tonescape. The recorder is very cool, and in my opinion could us an obnoxious amount of delay/echo. But that might just be me.

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A very dark atmospheric song that encompasses the title well. That recorder is spooky...lamenting...eerie. Nicely put together.

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This has a cinematic, witchy feeling to it that is beautiful. The strings are beautiful and the recorder adds a lot without being too much. A lovely song!

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The recorder is a very nice touch. The arrangement is well done, and very "witchy" indeed!

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The recorder definitely adds a sense of eeriness. I have not watched this movie; however, after listening to this, I have it on my watchlist to watch soon. I enjoyed the listen and the topic, so I look forward to seeing the movie Smile