A Hundred Clips

A Hundred Clips

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Liner Notes: 

At the jubliee conference of our most radically evangelical party, the opening speaker was a rapper who, among other pearls of wisdom, offered us

'We're taking it by force

For the Kingdom we’re suffering

The wealth of the wicked is what we’re plundering

So tell the government we’re coming with a hundred clips'

So, in a post-Vatican 2 sort of spirit, I decided to give these nice guys the benefit of the doubt.


'So tell the labour government
We're coming with a hundred clips'
Well, probably the boldest line
To scape an open speaker's lips
But if, now on your seventh chance
You wish to be took serious
It may be better off to lead
With something less nefarious

Unless, of course, you're speaking
About paperclips instead
For all that legislation
In a fancy letterhead
And the policy legitimate
You're in the house to pass
- but that seems quite unlikely
As you're such a total farce


Unless, instead, you're thinking
About little clips of film
To shine a light on all they've done
To mar and underwhilm
And bare the naked body
Of this emperor at fault
- but then again, perhaps not
As you're actually a cult


Unless you're thus referring
To the hairclips in your tress
For your big day in the beehive
You won't look a frightful mess
You'll represent the people
With no strand left out of place
- although they may not want you
As you hate the human race


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Love it ! I seriously hope someone picks this up and records it Smile
Did the original quote mean gun clips of ammo ?!
I think my fav couple of lines are
"And bare the naked body
Of this emperor at fault
- but then again, perhaps not
As you're actually a cult"
No answer to that !

coolparadiso's picture

Oh yeah thats a beauty! I was rapping along! :-). I wanted more verses! Excellent.

dzd's picture

This is nice! I'm sure it was hairclips he was talking about! hah! Nice poignant ending!
Kudos for if even tongue in cheek giving the benefit of the doubt! nice write!

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Add me to those who this gets put to music

cleanshoes's picture

So biting and clever. Love the play with different kinds of clips!

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I can see this moving along at a good pace, though depending on the lines and the accent, some of the ends might need to be cut short. Smile
My hopes were fulfilled in the second stanza with the stationery reference. Throughout, the details filled me in on the backstory even though it's unfamiliar to me. Well done.