Mr McB

Mr McB

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Liner Notes: 

So my challenge was for the movie "The Beguiled". I haven't watched that one so I decided to give it a viewing (the Clint Eastwood one) before having a crack to see if anything came of it. My conclusion from watching it was, you kind of had it coming to you. Mr McB was the nickname that was given to the main character.

Unfortunately my daughter has gone to bed so no vocals for me tonight Sad so I opted for eSpeak and a tonne of delay. Had fun playing around with LFOs and automation on this, I went a bit random and just slapped stuff on because why not.

I am desperately trying to create a synthwave sound as I fell in love with the genre a couple of years back. I'll keep trying.


Mr McB, you deserved what you got from what I can see

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like the way the layers come in over the initially-simple line.

This makes me nostalgic for the days when THE YEAR 2000 was a bright future full of robot servants and flying cars.

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I like that lead synth you’ve got going. Almost sounds like a very processed french horn synth. The whole thing is well constructed. Good dynamic variation. Good shifts in energy. I really enjoyed listening!

Real cool electro track, I like the voice sample and how it goes along with every section of this. A lot of cool layers throughout the track to keep it interesting.

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So this about Oli McBurnie, Sheff Utd striker, right? Wink This is cool, that rhythmic scratchy percussion reminds me of trap high hats, and the panning in your beat is cool. Some nice melodies in the synths, would be cool to hear a bit more variation in the melody as it progresses

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Well on your way with the synthwave. Sounds great!! It's such an interesting genre and has spawned all these oddball sub genres too ( look up mallsoft for an example)

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The music is hypnotic and has great foreboding and anticipation in it. Lots of interesting things going on, the repeating line, etc...well done!

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Lovely, it just grows and grows. so much ear candy all through the spectrum and the repetition of the words takes on an eerie doom feeling. Great job. Great to hear you creating here this summer.
Thanks so much for your kind words about my first.

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Well I have to say that this definitely has an 80s movie soundtrack vibe. I'm totally diggin' it. Initially I was reminded of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), but then it swung into its own thing. Groove on, brohim!

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Not to get too techincal, I really like how the the synth line goes from a sort of crunch sound to a twinkly one in the repeated riff and softens out.

You mix things up nicely and keep me hooked the whole way, and the layering is great. Enjoyed.