I'm Watching You (aka The Anthropology Song)

I'm Watching You (aka The Anthropology Song)

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My friend said I should write an anthropology song. I think she might have been kidding, but that never stopped me before. I had a little trouble with this one because I haven't taken an anthropology class in 20 years. I thought I could lean on my musicology degree a bit, but I haven't taken any academic classes for 15 years. Oops. Ah well. Fake it!


I'm watching You
aka The Slightly Creepy Anthropology song
(for Sally)

I'm watching you, writing down my observations
I'm watching you in academic fascination
We should merge our lineal descent
I'll keep a record everything I heard and what it meant
I'm adding you to my ethnography
Perpetuating Eurocentric hegemony

I'm watching you, writing down my observations
I'm watching you in academic fascination
Your daily rituals... I find them pleasing
Can I engage you in some dialectic reasoning
I'd like to show you my epistemology
Not being forward that's just me and my ontology

I'm watching you, writing down my observations
I'm watching you in academic fascination
Join me in field investigations
I'll write a chapter that can capture deviations
You can teach a dog new tricks
You and me, we should talk hermeneutics

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the melody and vocal quality remind me of early sixties worldop like brasil 66 as well as 5th dimension. I really love this kind of stuff, and your imaginative lyric and inventive rhymes make it all the more fun.

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Love the way you're used technical anthropology terms, and turned them into some rather impressive "chat up lines.". Very entertaining, and rather cute.

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We're going to have to square off for a fistfight now, because ONTOGENY DOES NOT RECAPITULATE PHYLOGENY, JERKS, and I've sworn to crush any man-jack in the house who says otherwise!

This is maybe not as creepy as I'd hoped it would be, but it does have a nice sweet sound. Also, HOORAY FOR EUROCENTRIC HEGEMONY!!!!!

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Haha so hilarious!
If you hadn't said it was about anthropology I would have assumed the narrator was on the Autism spectrum.
Which perhaps raises uncomfortable questions about the reasons why we choose to observe people.
I'm really digging the little beepy noises in here.
As @motisbeard said, this tune has a nice sweet sound.
Well done.

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Clever lyrics and approach! Creepy indeed.

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Such a 60's pop feel and an oh so clever lyric! 'I'm watching you' ROFL

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This has a delightfully odd feel ... as if you're a robot singing from within a 1980s computer. Really enjoyed your vocals here! Squiggly sounds are cool, as is the primitive drum machine and organ. This is the smartest pick-up song ever ... "I'd like to show you my epistemology," etc is really clever. Loved it!

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Hey is this how nerds mate? It comes across strangely sexual. But not being a nerd, and instead being a freak, you may only want me for your thesis, on my weird body.
I don't trust your sweet talk.
Yeah that vocal style is real 1960 and I like it, and the melody is mellifluous, I like that too.
The backing sort of leaps a decade of two but the whole is totally delightful.

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Now I want to write a hair metal song called "show me your epistemology"

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Catchy, cute, funny, and groovy! I had to google "ontology" and "hermeneutics" so you could say the song is educational, too!