Our Tiny Forever

Our Tiny Forever

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Liner Notes: 

There's more to this, but you know, skirmish and all that.

Also, I love Major 7 chords. <3


When I look
Into your eyes
I’m drawn away
For just a moment
We can stay
In our tiny forever

I was lost
Then you found me
Gave me a home
I had such a thirst
I didn’t know
Just how much I’d overgrown

Come to me
Come to me
To our tiny forever

Even though
Time’s not our friend
And we should know
That we shouldn’t hope
I am glad
For our tiny forever

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That phrase "our tiny forever" is a lovely little lyric. The groove is nice and easy and calming and works very well!

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have to agree with loving the tiny forever line!

You're also forgiven for being late, hahah.....pffttt who wouldn't be distracted by a butterfly!

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That chorus is great. Simple, elegant and it just feels right. This is a good one, you were right.

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I'll jump on the "tiny forever" train. That's just a wonderful idea. Nice sounding song. Good skirmishing.

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I LOVE this and the whole concept of a tiny forever - those words speak so tenderly of a deep but short lived love - a love that seemingly was understood to be intense but short from the start. Such power and poignancy. And such a gorgeous delivery.

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I like the maj 7 chords too. I really like "our tiny forever." Very pretty melody and good vocals. They simplicity of the chorus is very nice.

You had me at the title. That paints a picture all by itself.

And yeah - major sevenths rule!

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This is so sweet and my guess is a perfect song for a certain little burrito Smile

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Awwwwwww (this is oddly wholesome for you lol) awwwwwwww. Great bit of lyric writing coupled with the chord choices here. All plays together very nicely.