Wear a mask (Part IV)

Wear a mask (Part IV)

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Liner Notes: 

So, Part IV of the morph. I used Andy's guitar patterns and changed the music around a bit. I added a different chord pattern for the chorus and bridge. Generally I used Andy's lyrics for the most part but had to edit a couple so I could get the words in - not sure I achieved this to the level I was aiming for... I then took Scubed's lyrics and used some for the bridge and others for the outro. I didn't take anything from JamKar as we both used the same lyrics and changed the music for the majority of the song.


Wear a Mask (Part IV) - J Challis version (Collabs - Andygetch, JamKar, Scubed)

Basic chords used
Vs: E – E – A - C
Ch: B - C - Dm
Bridge: Bb – D – C – E + run down

I used to live on the beach
Now I hardly go to the beach
Way too frenetic, hot, and crowded at the beach
Now the Town requires if you go to the beach

Wear a mask - to catch that cough
Wear a mask – to catch that sneeze
Wear a mask – so your germs aren’t blowing in the breeze

I used to go to the mall
Now I hardly go to the mall
Way too materialistic, crowded and cold, at the mall
Now the Town requires if you go to the mall


Red or blue, don’t matter who
You’re not free to breathe germs on me

I used to go to the bars
Now I never go to the bars
Way too alcoholic, loud, and crowded at the bars
Now it’s not even safe to go to the bars


Dodo, don’t be a dodo (2x)
Dum dum dum, are you dum dum dum (2x)
Lulu, this bug is a lulu (2x)
Di di di you could di di di (2x)
No no don’t say no no (2x)
Ass ass ass are you an ass ass ass(2x)

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It's interesting to hear how this has changed from person to person. I like the punk sensibility. I like the outro too. Funny.

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Oh wow I am digging the grooves on this and such interesting twists and turns in this morph.

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This version has a nice contemporary sound to it. Wonderful evolutionary pattern going on here. Solid groove!

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I've never done one of these skirmish/morph things, but I like where this one has gone. (Haven't listened to the earlier versions yet!) Good job guys--hard to tell who collaborated on what, but the Final Package is great!

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I really love that guitar riff in the verse, I'm thinking I might pinch that for my morph. Great groove on this, it really gets you swaying

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What a cool morph! Love the music - the groove is irresistible. And the outtro makes me smile! Biggrin