Walking my way

Walking my way

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Liner Notes: 

Words :: @DeannaSweidel
Vocals and vocal melodies :: @cts
Music and arrangement :: @Dragondreams

DD sez. I'm blown away by my co-conspirators. I absolutely LOVE how this one turned out. Smile


Across the room you noticed me
Seen you here before
Seems our time has come

Is this for real? Is this the day
Are you really walking my way
Is this for real? Is this the day
Are you really walking my way

Is this the night I dance with you
Is this the night you dance with me
Seen you here before
Seems our time is now

Is this for real? Is this the day
Are you really walking my way
Is this for real? Is this the day
Are you really walking my way

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I love this and really wish I had the talent to write lyrics to music, because I'd jump on it.

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Ok I have some words that could work but I'm not a melody writer or a vocalist....and they may need some adjustment based on melody/beat

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Could not have come out better! Thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing song!!!!

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What a great three-way collab-- Deanna's words bring out the magic of the backing track's vibe and CTS just sings them perfectly.

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That is fantastic all round. And I concur DD- 4 strings good. You get some serious funk out of that oversized ukulele.

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Oh my goodness! It’s like funk meets Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way.” Love it! Great collab! I admire those who can do it.

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Oh yeah baby!!! Funktastic groove. That bass is so damn cool. And to end with a flute, divine!
The non-resolution is going to drive me crazy though. Do the dance together? Hook up? Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship? What happens!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Argh!

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Great music, flawless vocals and pretty damned amazing all around. Nice work you three!

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Is that a Mellotron in the beginning? Very cool prelude to a catchy, bass-tastic groove. The words are well-suited to the dancing music, and the vocal melody sets them well.That lead vocal sounds rich and smooth, and I love the vocal harmonies, especially the bits where they're singing wordless parts, almost like a horn section at times.The sound and feel are really enjoyable - great collab!

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Oooh, oooh, oooh.... FANTASTIC!! What a beautiful performance. Love that bass! So much rhythm and funk. Great lyric... I love everything about this masterpiece!!!

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Massive, great sound, this is a hit. It should, anyway, be a hit. Takes me back to younger days! Not a bad thing. Craig is very much delivering on the vocal.

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Wow, all star collab. Funky as all get out. OOOOOOOzing.
You guys must know how good this is. Enjoyed much!
Deanna, thanks so much for your kind words on my first. Smile

I'm outside on a summer evening in Detroit, listening to a funk band playing at an outdoor venue called Chene Park.
This is the exact vibe and sound, its putting so vividly in that specific memory.
Old cats who can't hardly move anymore, still all dressed up in their white summer shorts and linen shirts and Kangols, doing that slow bop dance with their old lady.
Everybody sitting out on the grass.
Good grief every aspect of this is absolutely solid and on point. Perfect lyrics for the style, perfect vocals for the music, and perfect music for a funk lover's ears.
This is just too good. What else is there to even say.
Beyond great work, you three. Good grief.

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This has a delightful Snarky Puppy attitude to it. I mean this should be circulating on one of the streaming services. Three 50/90 talents pushing it into the stratosphere!

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This groove is deep and it just get funkier. So many things hitting at the right moment just the way they should. I LOVE the keys and brass for enhancement. Killer everything.

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Great song after Great song! Amazing! Brilliant 3=way collaboration. I can visualize it all. Love the funky groovy feel, upbeat, catchy and adorable!
You nailed it!

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I love a great three-way... collaboration, I mean! Super fun listen, guys. Congratulations to all of you!

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Wow, super funky in music, lyrics and vocals. The combination puts this one over the edge!!! I think this is one of my first 50/90 comments, and you could say I saved it for something special. Smile