Your Love is Real

Your Love is Real

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Liner Notes: 

I actually write a few of these for people so cant post many. Every now and again i get the urge to write a couple for 50/90 and to make [@splittyboom] smile! was a bit skirmished out today - aussie hours make skirmishing hard so decided to play with the tools and got this! for anyone who is interested also look at Get Clumsy a song I wrote in a fun tool called Incredibox today - that was a hoot!


Your Love is Real

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This is a solid EDM track, I really dig it. It feels like it should be playing in a club with fog and the lights just going crazy and people dancing like mad. Really great song!

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classic EDM pretty much says it all. you continually surprise me with how many musical forms you are good at.

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This is so different than your usual approach! I don't know anything about EDM, but this certainly cooks! Ultra-danceable and cool. Nice female vox!

Alright it's dance time. That shaker gets you going right from the start, this is a full on stomping EDM track. Nice use of vocal samples, this was a very fun song. I didn't realize you were already at 21 tracks, jeez!

Man, I almost missed this one (forgot the 's' on the end of my @, so i didn't see the mention).
I'm a sucker for that particular sound that you come in with - what sawy synth. Then that classic house lead.
Digging the energy that the drums and the panning create.
Ah, there's some vocal samples...indeed.
Yeah, like Bill said - classic. Still has some modern feel to it, though.
Great decision to up the volume and up-frontness of the hand claps at 2:10 on the 4s of the beat - love that kind of thing. It adds so much to a drum track, and its so simple.
This would kill on the floor...well...I IMAGINE it would. I've never stepped foot in a dance club lol
"splittyboom" did smile, indeed - so did splittybooms haha

Nice layered buildup! Good variation. Very dance-able! Excellent.

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I shake my head (in a good way) every time I come across an EDM/Electronic song around here. I tried one once and horribly failed. I know these are VERY complicated to do--I'd like to learn how to do one, since they seem mathy and patterny to me (again, in a good way).

This is terrific and really radio-ready sounding. Very nice. Glad I dug through some of your old stuff to hear this.

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I was taking a break from working out to listen to this, and you inspired me to exercise along to your awesome song! And I like the use of the vocal a lot,