They're Gonna Put The Blame On You

They're Gonna Put The Blame On You

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Liner Notes: 

This song started life as a more overtly political song, but I thought it worked better as a simple series of vague's broadly inspired by current events, particularly a lot of the protests going on around the world in support of Black Lives Matter, and how any violence or vandalism is used to tar everyone with the same brush. In my mind, it's a bit of an MC5, summer of 1968 call to arms type thing, but in the end it just ended up sounding more like a straight funk song which isn't really my style but was still fun to do.

Percussion courtesy of my table..


Hey you
You'd better stand up
You'd better get yourself together,
Get yourself together
You'd better stand up
You'd better get yourself together
Get yourself together
Cos I know, that when it comes to it
They're gonna put the blame on you
Uh-huh, alright etc..

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Damn, this is awesome! That thick guitar and bass create an awesome groove and your table percussion is fantastic, it sounds like stomps. That guitar solo is killer. This is probably one of my favorite songs that I have hear so far this 50/90. There is a White Stripes feel to this song that I am really in love with. Very nice job!

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Hairy guitars on a stomp groove, really well put together. Nailed the vocals/ lyrics / melody. This is fantastic.

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Oh yeah!
So fat and crunchy at the same time.
So much attitude going on here.
That guitar break is so 1972 it's crazy!
Excellent rokkin track here!

Oh this is a classic feel! You did great with the vibe of this track, the vocals, groovy guitar and that percussion. I think it was good to make the lyrics more general, it really made this song seem like something that was made back then. This was a real fun listen, great job!

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LOVE this. Fuzzy guitars, catchy rhythm, a touch of blues . . . funky punk is an apt tag. I agree, the simple lyrics work well here. Hard not to stomp and sing along.