Among the Living

Among the Living

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Liner Notes: 

Had some ideas for this, but spent wayyyy longer on this than I usually do, especially for a 1ish minute fawm/50/90 write so moving on Smile


Something about ghosts from the past no longer among the living to the best of my hearing :)

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Hypnotic with a hint of eastern tonalities to help induce that trance-like state. Kind of wish it was longer Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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This fits right in with the horror genre. It's like they're trying to break thru to communicate with the's got an eerie and moody feel.

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The piano part is very pretty and everything you have built around it adds to the beauty but creates am eerie feeling. Very nice job!

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I imagine the unseen, speaking and with only just a hint of what they could be saying, as they exist in another dimension. Nice!