Orpheus in Ohio

Orpheus in Ohio

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish theme was from using the titular- use any and or all of the words ina song or as an inspiration.
The Skirmish writing prompt is:

"__stubborn routine of the ohio
banks, nails, losers
robinson : twinkle waterfall
five (orpheus)
thought nocturnal____"


Orpheus V in Ohio

Thoughts nocturnal
Keeping me awake
I got one eye open
but I can smell those dirty snakes

Stubborn losers at the polls
banking on the riots
A flood is coming this November
The streets wont stay quiet

A waterfall of blood
Is flowing out of Ohio

The shops and sports arenas
Are closing their doors
Hurry down and place your bets
Before theres nothing left to score

Nails boards and duct tape
all flying off the shelves
Surgeons masks and toilet paper
They stocked up for themselves

With guns on highground
There waiting for us in Ohio

Orpheus was booked
He's taking the stage
A battle of the bands
A battle for the ages

A choirs spreads their good news
to boots on the ground

100,000 stars twinkling over Ohio

c) Laurie Lyons 2020

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Wow, this one got almost all of the words in and connected in a cohesive lyric to a rockin rhythm. Well done and thanks for hosting!

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love the lyrics and your delivery. the rockabilly arrangment is a plus.

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Good job, good performance. Excellent considering the constraints on time and the specific subject matter.

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This is really good! Great job putting together such a good demo within the time constraints. Nice vocal, really good use of the prompt words to create a current-event story that is meaningful. Great job!

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a grower, for sure. To begin with it sounded like a twelve bar blues on electric organ, but i very quickly got into it, and your lyrics are quite clever and very topical, which is quite a knack, not everybody can do that.

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very nice boogie blues, like clapton going all protesty and the words flow beautifully. Enjoyed my listen very much.
Thanks for your kind words about my #3. Smile