Stubborn Routines Of The Slack

Stubborn Routines Of The Slack

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Liner Notes: 

A multiple word skirmish (one hour writing) challenge. All the words are the first word of the line.


Stubborn Routines Of The Slack

Stubborn does not begin to describe
Routine entrenched in concrete
Of ways unchanged for ten thousand nights
The snap and groan of defeat
Ohio says we’ve got I-80 to meet

Slack is just a state of mind
Banks are there for things to bounce soft
Nails are driven to hold bridges together
Losers give up and want to jump off

Fifty songs is a lot
Robinson was a mrs so I heard
Twinkle twinkle starlight through slots
Waterfall rhythmic delivery of words

Five performances that I forgot
Orpheus an early singer-songwriter
Though I know a little it feels like squat
Nocturnal knowing only at night

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like the simple picking pattern. It works very well. And I like your voice telling the story. Those strums on 'fifty songs is a lot...' works very well as a contrast to the verses. I like that you used "slack" in there, too. We slackers need to stick together.

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Strangley coheshive- great skirmishing Andy!! THis works really well. soft guitar and your vocal timing/phrasings punches in the right spots. Nice!
THank you for skirmishing!

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Well down putting so many (or all?) of the words in a poetic manner, and clever idea as to the beginning of the line placement. I really like "Robinson was a mrs so I heard." I like the single-note pattern, reminded me almost of a tango.

This is the title of the perfect Gen X novel that Doug Coupland hasn't got round to writing yet. Give him time, it'll happen.

This could be a deconstructionist anthem; I love the peppering of pop culture references that you sprinkle it with.

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This has its own unique brand of cool.