You and me and the truth

You and me and the truth

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Liner Notes: 

I haven't really been jumpin in, so far, this year, in the skirmishes (where you have an hour to write and record a song to a pre-existing title or prompt) but I did see, late, a prompt 'the truth' and started thinkin'... and this came out.

quick recording on the iPhone, using music memos (which adds drums, sometimes they're in time and sometimes a bit backwards, as you can hear at a moment about halfway thru here) and then imported to audacity for a little eq and echo. one take guitar and vocal performance tho, semi-improvised in the last verse.


If I could say a secret word
Make you realize all the lies you’ve heard
The lies from Fox news and the Orange disaster
The lies that keep coming faster and faster

If I could brew a secret potion
Remove from your head all those crazy notions
The xenophobic, paranoic, hateful brew
That preys on your fears to make you think its true

If I could sing a secret note
To go ahead in November and change your vote
Have you vote democratic, including Joe Biden
Inside you know the truth, maybe you’ve just been hidin’
Cause you know the republicans, will never stop lyin’
And we got to put a stop to all this science denyin’
Look around you hasn’t there been too much dyin’?

If I could sing a secret song
convince you that i'm right and not wrong
what a world it could be
together, you and me, and the truth makes three
you and me and the truth

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Cool playing. I like that little downward run at the end of the stanzas. That melody is cool, too, especially on the first lines. Not a bad skirmish song, Mike.

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This is hecka catchy. The walk downs are super cool. I wish I could do drums in an hour. Sigh...
I like how all the "secrets" aren't really secrets, just common sense. Smile
And I totally agree. <3

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Music is different, I like that. The extended third verse is effective too.

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Cool tune, like the basic groove. And I always wish I could talk sense into people. But some are immune.

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If you find that secret word or song please share!

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This is great! (Since we're on the same page politically--that helps!) You've got a great voice (and delivery) for this kind of a song. Nice work!

Nice! I especially like the beginning lines and the walk-down bass. Well done!