Hornets Nest

Hornets Nest

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Liner Notes: 

There's a lot of nostalgia flying around, probably because of the uncertain times we living are in. Got me thinking of a band I was in mid eighties. I wanted to go down the indie pop route, but they were proper musicians, wanted to be stadium rockers, always on about me playing proper keyboards, when all I aspired to be was an invisible background keyboard guy and a songwriter. I was quite happy padding out tracks leaving the heavy lifting to the musicians.

This is the sort of thing I aspired to back then. Straight 2 and 4 drums driving bass padded keyboards with a couple of sequences add in some guitar chords and some nonsense lyrics. Alas I was out voted. Fame and fortune eluded me again. It's like being the best undiscovered footballer of my time. Ah if only I had talent.

I started this on Thursday night, got it all together last night and wrote the lyrics today from the title which I got from a tv drama line. I wrote the first line and it spiraled from there, after seeing a directional sign near Troon for the Women's British Open golf. Elite golf clubs and the NIMBY culture must be fair game.

I wanted to keep this as short as possible. Had a little problem with the mic, but its ok as a draft.


Hornets Nest
Music and Lyrics by Mark M Scullion © 2020

They don't need you coming round here stirring up a hornets nest
They don't want you coming round here giving ideas to all the rest
They don't want you coming round here messing up their ideal world
They don't want you coming round here to disrupt the status quo

Their stuck in a mad old world
Their stuck in a bad old world

Well they'll be coming round to buy up all your homes
Well they'll be coming round here to attend your fancy schools
Well they'll be coming round here with some radical ideals
Well they'll be coming round here to take the steering wheel

They'll break up your mad old world
They'll break up your bad old world

Oh oh resist the changes here
Oh oh multiply your fears
It's such a sad old world

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its very good. i see that 80s influence. talent is only one thing! Smile but it takes talent to do this!

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theres more happening here than in a dozen stadium rock songs.

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Very rhythmically bold! Made me feel like I was on drugs again, but in a good way.