the surest beacon

the surest beacon

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I’ve lost the early pages
These past and many years
But hardly do I miss them
Now, seeing you so clear
For the past is ever chipping
And calls not for volunteers
To paint before the present
In a color disappeared

And if time beyond perception
Is something truly gained
An element I long for
Some calm and true refrain
Then, you’re the surest beacon
Gliding o’r the fray
Baring soft serenity
Sweeter than the than rain

Starlight calls when hearts enthrall

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Lovely ballad. I was reminded right off the top of Mumford & Sons frontman. I think it's more in the expertise of the lyrics and the delivery. But man, this is solid work here.

Keep the party moving!

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classy ballad. the notes are so clear both instrumentally and vocally

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Really like the melodic line on this one. Lovely and a little unexpected. You have such a gift for lyrics--not a word out of place!

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I really like all the open space in this... moments where everything is suspended just for a second. Really pulls me in. And of course, your performance is brilliant as always.