Skirmish - ss071120i - Senorita

Skirmish - ss071120i - Senorita

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Liner Notes: 

@JWHanberry's skirmish info:
"THEME/PROMPT: This is based on a recurring Jeopardy category where the response is spelled using only the letters in a word. No duplicates allowed. Make your own prompt using letters from the word "thermodynamics". If you come up with a multi-word prompt, you may use all the letters in each word.

Today's word: Thermodynamics.
(cue Jeopardy theme)"

It took me a long time to find a word within that word that I wanted to make a song off of. There were so so many good ones.
"Senorita" stood out, though, because I haven't made much Latin music in my life.


So this was a fail as far as the skirmish rules go. It took me over 2 hours all in all, from looking up some latin progressions, trying them, failing, working on some rhythms, finding the right drum sounds, programming, scrapping everything...
I was just going to throw in the towel, as I ended up having another huge interruption.
Sat back down and just started muting things until just my percussion that I programmed remained.
I could hear this very elementary Latin riff in my head but couldn't get it out on the keys, it became very annoying that I couldn't get it. Clicked on a random youtube video and there it was - that sound that I was looking for, and it was so much simpler than I thought.
So yeah, I needed some outside help on this one.
Took me an hour to scrap everything except my percussion.
I made new drum patterns, deciding to do kind of a latin dance/house thing.
New bass.
New everything.
Layers, etc.
Found some vocal samples.
Threw one into my sampler and use a small random chunk of one melodically to create a little riff. Played a little digital guitar but not too much because, apparently people think non-real guitars sound cheesy (well, some people not all).
Blahblahlblah, who even reads this stuff.
Bottom line is this took me a long time, way past skirmish time. But they say to post it anyway even if you fail.
So here.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Yeah, but you created this. And it sounds really good. Congrats on finishing and posting.

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Wow, I can't believe this was one of your first experiments with Latin music! I love the horns especially, and the vocal samples work really well. An extremely creative take on the skirmish challenge (who cares about the time limit??).

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You done it, Splitty! Very cool sound you put together there. I'm glad you took the time to stick with it and create this rocking track.

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Very Miami Sound Machine, “Come on shake your body, baby do the Conga.” Love it! So fun!

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Man for a quick skirmish track this is great. Those horns sound so crisp and clean. Catchy melody and beat as well. Wasn't expecting to the pitched down vocals but that works really well.