Same Five Chords

Same Five Chords

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Liner Notes: 

There you have introduction as a songwriter.


1. I play the same five chords and move the capo around.
I play the same five chords. Accept that is my sound.
In a life that’s full of irony; of constantly changing choice.
I play the same five chords to accompany my voice.

2. I see the same five friends
In this bubble of mine...
Most of my spare time...
For an extrovert like me...
While binging Zoom and old movies

3. I feel the same five moods
In processing my grief:
Go numb, bargain, deny, get sad, then find relief.
In a life that’s full of irony
Of constantly changing feels
I feel the same five moods as my soul I try to heal.

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This is a really wonderful response to the challenge. Really lovely sound! The lyrics have such an honest feeling insight and provide a wonderful perspective about a person who not only sounds beautiful singing but clearly has a beautiful heart and soul!

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Love how you took the "same 5" and extended it throughout. And you know I love your sound because 'Cheap One Night Stand' is still my #1 favorite song from my 50/90 years! Hope we get to work together again this year

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I like how we move through the verses: 5 chords, 5 friends, 5 moods. Catchy, those 5 chords! I mean really, who needs more. I just did an orchestral piece with a lousy 7 chords, but I probably could have done it in 5.

Great job taking on this theme, you did it in such an interesting way. Great lyrics, singing and melody. I like that you find three different things of five in these verses.

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Inventive stuff! The way you find similarities in these different aspects of life... makes me think about my life. Biggrin

People like familiarity and safety, yea? But if you're here, I can guarantee, there's an experimental side to you as well. We're all explorers!

And this song proves it. It's not how many chords you know, it's how you use them.

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Nice use of the "same five" theme. And the last line is great.