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Liner Notes: 

Too early for music. Skirmish Prompt use thermodynamic. Used the first letter of the word for each line.


T he physicist inside of me
H eats up more each day
E asy now to see why
R ain has gone away

M ore gasses in wrong places
O verloaded emissions
D ont believe the energy industry
Y ou dont get no remission

N o future if we carry on
A imlessly destroying
M ust find a better way
I ts oh so very annoying

C. Come on everyone

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Yeah, very creative use of the prompt. And it makes sense, is timely and all that good stuff. Nice work. Thanks for playing.

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That was a cool way to use the prompt. Verse 2 reminds me of the last time I ate at a restaurant without bringing along my Lactaid--oh my, TMI!

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Loving the acrostic and rhymes too. I also went the science direction, with my own angle LOL. Well done and let me know if this gets music!

Ah, very clever. None of these plays on the word itself crossed my mind. Unique take here.
These lyrics paint a very vivid and specific picture - an android (nobody knows its an android, and they all think its a normal human) scientist who is in a lab, concerned about the earth's energy use.
The mark of a good lyric is one that can paint pictures in someones mind without any music. I hear something electronic with this one. Hope you put it to music with your new electronic skill set.

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Super-clever take my friend! And some climate change advocacy as well, like it!

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Very creative to use the word itself as an acrostic but also as the theme! I also really love the opening line "the physicist inside of me" - that one has so many possibilities you could probably get a couple more songs out of it going in completely different directions.

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Well done! I believe you synthesized the concept well. Looking forward to music.