My E-ectric Car Thermodynamics

My E-ectric Car Thermodynamics

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt title with any words derived from 'Thermodynamics'. First thought was yay a science word. Then I built the title and had some fun with alternate titles as the first line of each verse.


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My E-ectric Car Thermodynamics

My ED hot rod
Can beat almost any internal combustion engine off the line
Because its less encumbered by

Has instant tore
BTW that would be torque except there are no q or u
One speed Less waste of energy
Sixty percent efficiency

My e-ectric car thermodynamics
Fun to drive and it takes great pics
Just don’t get ‘r caught out in the sticks
Without an outlet to plug it

Its not red
Would say blue and white
except there are no b , l , u, or w
Red cars are visible from farther

Its a e-ectric
Would say electric
Except we don’t have the l
Runs on electricity

Repeat Chorus twice

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Guess you could have used the letters to make it a "Tesda" or "Tesia"? A fun take on the prompt and the advantages of electric vehicles. Too bad it could only be "red"

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Great little lesson on thermodynamics and auto mechanics! Glad that your electric cars are still wonderful muses for your creativity!

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Had to be time for the electric car. Nicely done. Good skirmish

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Yup, been waitin' for an electric car song. Guess it was a perfect starting point. I think red cars are great, a red truck would be even better. Easier to see when you're stuck out in the sticks. Fine take on the prompt. Thanks for playing.

I remember my first introduction to your stuff was a song about an electric car, like two 50/90s ago.
And I apologize if I've gotten this part wrong, but didn't you also do stuff with the periodic table?
Anyway, that's what I think about whenever I see your name.
When I saw you were participating, and seeing the word 'thermodynamics'...I kinda had a feeling your song would be about an electric car.
I have to admit, I smiled.
This is on par with what I remember - sparse spacey guitar and vocal fx, psychadelic feel, stuff that would probably be on repeat if I were one that got high on the spliff.
There's a charm to this stuff. Maybe because I always have this picture of this cutesy little electric car (think the movie Cars).

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I like the way you jumped off on this one, very creative. The demo helps amplify the "electric car" picture. And I guess a real science lesson? Good write!

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Hahaha! This one is so fun and funny. And "less encumbered by thermodynamics" is a very clever phrase even outside of skirmishing. Instant tore!

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Had to check one of your electric car songs after receiving your comment on 'Badges ...'.

That phasey guitar is very trippy. This lyric captures a very EV experience: 'Fun to drive and it takes great pics/ Just don’t get ‘r caught out in the sticks'