The Id Named Moe Dynamite

The Id Named Moe Dynamite

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish: rearrange the letter in the word "thermodynamic"
I got "The id named Moe Dynamite"


© Mark Greenberg July 11, 2020
(50/90 skirmish)

I had a friend named Sam, a mild mannered man
When his super-ego ruled he was as meek as a lamb
But mix a bottle of tequila with a full-moon night
And he’d morph from Straight-laced Sam to Moe Dynamite

He wants nothing but action and a room full of noise
He’s just a kid with an id explains Sigmund Freud
Mix a bottle of tequila with a full-moon night
And Straight-lace Sam becomes Moe Dynamite

Moe Dynamite, a dangerous kid, 100 per cent at the mercy of his id
A man of impulse, don’t know wrong from right
Hey stay out of the way of Moe Dynamite
Stay out of the way of Moe Dynamite

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Oh wow, so many incredible phrases here! I especially love "When his super-ego ruled he was as meek as a lamb" and "He’s just a kid with an id". This one is so much fun.

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A very cool alter ego theme. Pretty slick lyric and I love the groove!

kahlo2013's picture

Love the character development. I feel like I know this guy! Cool lines and great use of the prompt! Love your delivery too!

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Good work. That's a fun, bluesy tune. I'll be sure to stay out of his way! Thanks for playing.

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Ha ha great turn of phrase. Good fun and an ever winning music style. Good skirmish

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Great response to your skirmish prompt, Mark!

These lyrics and the overall idea appeal to me. I like when characters are created in song.
Nice front-porch guitaring and vocal. The songwriting is great here.

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Great take on the prompt, and creative word-making. "He's just a kid with an id says Sigmund Freud" is priceless! Very creative writing, congrats.

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This is super fun. I love that it's a rock song about the id/ego/super ego. I love the language that you use. It's both brainy and fun. Great job!

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Wow! What a fun skirmish and you did an awesome job with the prompt! I love it! It's always the tequila, Mark...always the tequila!! Well, sometimes it's the wine or the rum... oh I'd better stop thinking about it all lololol Missing you and everyone else at FAWMStock this year!!! Whahh! Cray 2